Marketing and Entrepreneurial enthusiast


Meet Luke

Marketing and Entrepreneurial Enthusiast

Scottish-born Luke grew up traveling the world with his dad, an engineering consultant, and sister. He gained exposure to several industries and learned about the various cultural differences of each country in which he lived. The depth of this experience fostered his passion for marketing and new business creation.

A large part of what he hopes to achieve is to break down conventional barriers for future leaders and innovators. Through Luke’s own style of education, support, and mentoring he helps them to achieve their own ambitions and aspirations.

Each of Lukes’s projects has the same ethos

Promote Mental Well-being

  • Prioritise self-care so that people can live productive and balanced healthy lives.
  • Play an active role in informing and promoting programs that remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Empowering Future Innovation

  • Encourage future innovators with the correct support and promote their ambitions and aspirations.
  • Advocate for the next generation of leaders by supporting programs that give them the tools and resources needed to make a real difference.
  • Support low-income entrepreneurs in becoming future innovators.

Recent Project Portfolio

Below is a selection of Luke’s recent or on-going projects. If you want to check out what’s launching soon, click here.

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