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                                     A look at what’s coming!

Social Media Fundamentals

In today’s social media landscape, simply sharing links to your company website or blog with a bit of text will not drive your objectives far enough. Your followers want and expect more from you. You would be surprised how simple it is, yet so many people make the same mistakes time and again.

Brand Strategy

Every successful organisation requires a distinctive marketing and brand strategy to deliver growth in an increasingly competitive and uncertain world. This course will show you, step by step, how to do just that.

Creative Content Writing

Listen, we have all been there. Writer’s block happens… In fact, we are having it right now, so we get your pain. Here is one of the course secrets “go away, have fun, grab a drink, and inspiration will hit”. (Make sure you have a pen and paper when it does).

Succeeding as an Influencer

Please don’t think that by doing something trendy you will hit 30k followers. If you want to be original, but more importantly go viral, this course will be for you.

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